What Are Easy Ways To Reduce Your Energy Use?


With the climate crisis growing in urgency worldwide, more people than ever want to play their part. A big part of that is through reducing personal energy use. Many homeowners have trouble with rising energy use. It can raise costs for electricity and heating, as well as damage the environment. To rectify any potential energy black holes in your home, take these four top tips on board. With decisive action, you can make a real impact on your household’s energy consumption. Start with the items on this list, and you’ll likely have already made a sizeable impact on how you affect the climate.

Educate yourself.


You can’t fight climate change without having all the facts. The first step to tackling your energy efficiency is understanding what that really means. This is especially important if you’re one of the main decision-makers in your household. The responsibility starts and ends with you; that means you need to know what makes a good and bad decision regarding energy demand. Dedicate some of your downtime on a Sunday to read the climate-specific sections of your favorite news site.

Most major publications have a climate section that will help keep you up to date on what’s importantly related to the climate emergency. When it comes to climate-friendly products, look for brands with a specific environmental claim, such as ‘less plastic’ or ‘bio-friendly chemicals.’ Remember that just because it has a green label on it doesn’t mean it will be a good choice for the environment.

Look at all opportunities.


Armed with this new information, you’re on track to make sure your energy demand goes in the right direction. There are many different sources of energy loss in your home; it can be hard to tackle them all at once. Nonetheless, start with a list of all the things that could do with changing. Once you know what areas of electricity use need to be tackled, work your way through them, from largest to smallest impact. That way, you know that everything will get done, and you’ll have the greatest amount of impact as soon as possible.

Every little action counts.


No action is too small. Turning off light bulbs when you leave a room has been a piece of energy-saving advice for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant. Saving energy like that is an important element of bringing down the electricity use of your whole home. What’s more, consider changing to eco-friendly lightbulbs, so they use less energy in the first place. The best way to have an impact overall is to use both small and big actions in tandem so that you can tackle every instance of energy waste.

Use smart technology.


When we think of smart homes, we often think about the technology that can turn on music in any room or turn off the dishwasher while you’re not at home. But what if it can actually help to reduce your energy use by a long way? Having more information on your home’s electric demand through smart meters is a great way to keep tabs on what you’re doing well – as well as what still needs some work. You can also turn off electric appliances remotely, in case you forgot as you left the house, as well as a whole range of other eco-conscious possibilities.

This won’t just help reduce your energy use and carbon emissions as a homeowner, either. If you’re considering selling your home, then you might also be wondering how to have a successful open house. Potential buyers are always looking for things that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable. With climate change at the front of everyone’s minds, smart tech with renewable energy or energy consumption in mind will likely make a great first impression on any prospective buyers.

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