Tech-Forward Bathroom Ideas


It’s 2021, and it’s time to update your bathroom to keep up with the continually advancing technological innovations. Since everything— including health and wellness—is going digital, there’s no better time to update your bathroom. Maybe your toilet can’t diagnose an illness just yet, but everything from your sink to your tub can help you relax and rejuvenate.


With technologically advanced fittings and accessories, you’ll soon have no reason to visit a spa. After all, you can enjoy the thrill of a jacuzzi jet, a massage, or a relaxing bath at the same time in a tech-forward bathroom. If sorting through smart appliances is confusing you, here’s a quick guide to making your bathroom a more modern space this year.

Get a new bathtub.



Marble, stone, and cast iron bathtubs may be all the rage, but what if your bathtub could do more than look good? These days, you can get custom bathtubs to suit almost any need. Consider tubs that are better suited to your frame, add a whirlpool bath to your space for a little luxury, or consider adding jacuzzi jets to your old tub.


Whether you want a simple, small soaking tub with built-in speakers or a smart tub with more accessories, there’s something for everyone. You can also get a bathtub with a built-in heating system or massage jet options, so you feel like you’re in a spa every time you step in for a soak. If you add touchless faucets to your sink and tub, you can have a voice-controlled experience.

Set the mood with sensors.



When you’re transforming your bathroom into a more tech-forward space, don’t forget about setting the mood for the perfect shower or bath. You can make the most of chromotherapy benefits in your bathroom by installing mood sensors on your faucets or bathroom cabinets. After all, when you reach for your spa robes, you want the cozy feeling to stretch beyond the texture of linen on your skin. With light and sound sensors, the mood will be just right before you step into the tub.

Add a digital shower.


Did you know that you can control more than just the heat and water pressure in your shower? You can have panels in your shower that help you to control everything from the décor to the sound in your bathroom. Set the mood, switch to a better song, increase or reduce the amount of steam and turn on massage jets using voice controls so you never have to touch a button.

Splurge on entertainment.



Nothing feels quite as good as a luxurious soak after a long day at work. It’s nice to lie back and enjoy a bath with your eyes closed, but wouldn’t it be better to have some entertainment in the tub? Instead of staring at the pretty wall art in your new bathroom, consider adding a bathroom entertainment system.


Do enough research so you can get the best cabinets and furnishing that come with in-built televisions, speakers, and multimedia systems. This way, you won’t have to worry about dangerous open outlets or trying to wrap your gadgets in plastic to ensure they don’t suffer any water damage.

Add a smart toilet.



An easy way to spruce up your bathroom without changing too much is to install a new toilet. A stylish toilet can add a little oomph to your space but focus more on function than fashion here. Smart toilets and bidets come in several shapes and sizes and offer everything from automatic flush systems to heated seats and water jets. Do some research about each of the high-tech specifications so that you can pick one that’s perfect for you.

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