How to Use a Drone to Advertise Your New Restaurant


Over the past few years, not only has drone technology become popular in different facets of nearly every industry, but aerial photography and delivery have become increasingly affordable, even for restaurants. If you own a restaurant and are looking for exciting trends to help your business, you may want to consider investing in a drone of your own. Read on to see just how many creative aspects this technology can bring to your marketing and advertising efforts.

Making Drones Necessary Equipment

As a restaurant owner, you may soon consider a drone to be another piece of needed industrial equipment, eventually becoming as important to your staff’s daily routine as the stoves, walk-in freezer and refrigerator, shelves, and prep table. You want to show off what you’re crafting in your pots and pans, right? Well, you can now create something as epic as the view from your restaurant from miles above in the sky, or even zoom in to tight, pro high-resolution pictures of a 27 inch sandwich prep table in your restaurant’s patio all on your own. For your website content, a drone can also be used the way a prosumer camcorder would, allowing you to make short films of your kitchen additions and new menu items, such as your top sandwich, for quick posting. As an item of restaurant supply, a drone’s versatility is up to your own imagination.

Additionally, your personal drone can be painted with your branding and restaurant logo, guaranteeing hundreds of people will see your advertisement throughout the day. When it comes to creative uses, the sky’s literally the limit!

Drones and Restaurant Marketing


Maybe you want to give your new restaurant additions special emphasis. If you’ve recently remodeled your restaurant, added a patio or new bar, or invested in modern kitchen appliances, like a commercial refrigerator or a pizza prep table, and upgraded services to offer your customers, a drone can be used to create commercials and web videos featuring all of those other investments. In a relatively short amount of time, drone technology has already become a staple of surveillance, security, real estate, and even delivery services. Nearly every industry has begun researching ways of making money with drone photography.

So how can it benefit you as a restaurant owner? Well, not only have new concepts in food delivery begun to take shape, but also advertising local businesses in ways that you may not have considered. For example, aerial photography and videography are slowly becoming popular offerings for social events and catering. This means that is you decide to invest in a drone for your restaurant, you too can offer state-of-the-art drone photography to those patrons who rent out your eatery for events. Weddings, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even corporate functions can become truly memorable times at your restaurant if add low price drone photos and videographer services into the available services.

Other Practical Drone Uses


In the United States, federal laws are still researching the safety and security factors of this aerial video technology, but it’s only a matter of time before a customer will be able to order from a restaurant using their mobile device or app and wait outside for a drone to deliver their dinner. The drone business is booming, and now is the time to consider investing in the coming trend.

Aside from the state-of-the-art ways in which drones can benefit your restaurant’s advertising and marketing strategy, you’ll soon find that the technology has other incredible and cost-efficient uses. For example, many companies are slowly integrating drone operators into their delivery services. For the time being, dry goods and packaged pre-cooked meals are still in the earliest stages. However, many experts in the hospitality and restaurant industry predict that drones will soon become the most-beneficial accessory for all eateries to deliver real-time food orders to customers at their homes.

Although there is no substitute for a restaurant’s quality when it comes to food and service, there is always the added bonus that you will end up maximizing overall profit, since free delivery can be offered without paying drivers or reimbursing for gas, and you can act as your own drone operator for both food delivery, aerial photos for advertising and social media, and, eventually, using drones instead of exclusively hiring human waiters.

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