How to Survive the Early Days of Your Online Business


Congratulations! You’ve finally taken the leap. You’ve decided to officially open your online business and you’re ready to start taking on clients. However, you’re a bit apprehensive because you know the first year or two as a new entrepreneur can be quite challenging. Coming up with a great idea and building a website is the first step to starting a business, but there’s so much more that goes into making it successful.


Surviving your first year as an online business owner will set you up for many more years of success. Getting through your first year will take diligence, strategy and an element of flexibility. With the right tools and the right team, you can establish an excellent presence––both online and in your industry. Just remember to stay committed and passionate about what you are creating. Half the battle is mind over matter and believing that you can achieve success. That plus a few other tips will help you survive the first year of your online business.

Build a great online platform.


The first step to building an online business is creating your online platform. You’ll want to build a custom web app with React that is accessible for you and your potential customers. React software allows your site to adapt to different interfaces and follow the needs of your customers. By allowing for easy e-commerce transactions, you are making a framework that is easy for the average customer to use your web app.

Lower your overhead costs as much as possible.

On average, opening a business requires a lot of money upfront. Overhead costs such as your electric bill, utility bill, web domain, and software programs can add up. Look for ways to lower your overall costs as much as possible. Check out the cost-savings of getting solar panels or ways to lower the cost of electricity. These incentives will help you stay afloat because you aren’t spending as much on your energy bill or operating costs.

Partner with established companies.

As a new business, you are looking for local incentives to get your name out there. Consider partnering with other sites, vendors, or businesses that can help you gain traction and credibility. This will help you get going during the early days of your business.

Learn to communicate with customers.


You may think that because your business is primarily online, you won’t get a lot of customer interactions. That is not true. Even on your web app, you’ll need to establish great customer service. Be ready to answer questions via inbound calls or chats. The good news is, by keeping your site customer-centered, you will gain loyal customers quicker.

Market yourself effectively.

Marketing is the best way to succeed with your small business. You need a plan that will get your web application out there and reach as many people as possible. Whether that is with major incentives, social media campaigns, or SEO techniques, it’s a good idea to invest in marketing to earn as much money as you can.

Get a good team.

As the founder and CEO of your business, you can’t do it all alone. You need service workers to help you manage your database and control your finances. Gathering the best team that will work effectively will help you survive your early days, and the more difficult times to come––even though there are labor costs.

Embrace flexibility.

The digital platform is constantly changing. If you want to succeed as an online business, you need to be ready to adapt to these new situations. Embrace flexibility and lower your dependency on old systems. The pros are always thinking on their feet and ready to change things up when needed.

Believe in yourself.

If you want your online business to succeed, you need to believe that it will. Sometimes stubbornness and commitment to sticking it out through thick and thin are what you need to find success. Believe in yourself and refuse to give up on your dream.

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