Advantages of Salesforce Integrations for Car Dealerships


For many brands, having the right call center capabilities and CRM technology is an absolute must. With these tools, it’s easier than ever to navigate higher volumes of customer inquiries, address issues with your sales pipeline, and nurture more conversions. This is especially true for car dealerships.

Dealerships are competitive businesses. That’s typically why you see major automotive brands set up shop within blocks of each other. On top of that, sales and customer service agents often need to hustle for major sales. With Salesforce integrations, dealerships are able to improve their conversion rates, develop stronger pipelines, and create more meaningful customer interactions. Here’s what you should know.

Automotive CRM tools and contact centers meet consumer demands.


In the automotive industry, the customer experience is far different from its past iterations. Brands often leverage massive amounts of customer data to make more informed decisions for their dealership location. Today’s customers also expect more flexibility, product curation, and customer service. With a Salesforce contact center, it’s easier for you to meet these changing needs. Since today’s customers prefer a more intuitive car-buying setup, you can use Salesforce CRM integrations to provide a more cohesive buying experience. When your service cloud also contains a contact center solution, you’re able to address consumer needs across multiple channels more efficiently.

The sales cycle no longer begins and ends at the dealership. A customer may find a car loan prequalification offer online, research vehicles through an app, and then reach out to your call center to set a date for a test drive. Without advanced tools, you’re only addressing one of these channels. Even if you offer the most convenient location in the city, your customer satisfaction will likely dip in the face of competitive prices and single-channel sales tactics. Whether you run a car dealership in Medina, OH or you’re setting up a used car lot in California, it’s important to equip your brand with the right service cloud tools.

Salesforce enhances CRM data across your brand with new tech.


When your contact center uses Salesforce integrations, you can also rely on powerful tech advancements to streamline the car-buying process for your customers. Tools like interactive voice response (IVR), artificial intelligence, and live chat functionality enhance contact center software to its fullest potential, especially for first-time users. When you’re fielding new offers, following up on phone calls, and reviewing your sales funnel, you want to provide the best experience for your customers that you possibly can. Salesforce org integrations and contact center software tech developments make it easier to address these consumer touchpoints more smartly.

IVR can reduce strain on your sales team, AI can help existing customers learn about their car loan agreements and any new offers or accessories, and live chat makes it simpler for agents to address one-off questions that customers might have. It provides greater insight into your workflow and helps you adhere to your telephony and CRM integration best practices. When you switch to an omnichannel contact center service department, you’ll likely be surprised at how it makes you rethink your workflow on the whole. Remember that each vehicle sale is a journey for the customer. Great service is a start, but these added tools really make a long-term difference.

The right tools provide organizational improvements.

Whether you’re selling a late model of a Dodge or Chrysler, or you’re helping a new customer learn about financing options, connecting your Salesforce accounts is a beneficial step. It gives you insights into the life cycle of a sale, helps you review analytics, and even allows you to connect with consumers over multiple channels. If you want your dealership to stand out in a competitive field, use smart tools to provide the best experience you can.

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