A Week in Georgia on a $70,000 Salary


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Today, a dental hygienist who makes $70,000 a year in Georgia spends some of his money on vitamins.

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

Age: 27

Location: Georgia, U.S.

Salary: $70,000 (approx. $2,200 per pay period)

Day One


As a dental hygienist, most of my days are filled with teeth cleanings, and this Monday was no different. I had a pretty typical day and went home. I recently purchased my house, and I finished unpacking the few boxes I had left. With everything in its place, I decided I wanted to better protect my appliances with a home warranty policy. My HVAC system broke down in my last place, and it was such a pain to repair. So, I did a quick search for “home warranty companies in GA” and found a reliable company. I got a free quote for a great price. I plan to purchase the home warranty plan next week.

Total: $0.00

Day Two


On Tuesday, I got to assist my office’s dentist with a dental crown. It was a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, our office was filled with several people we had to turn away due to fevers and other symptoms that made dental work unsafe for them. With that on my mind, I went home and looked into ways to better support my immune system. I found a website that offered monthly vitamin kits tailored to my needs. Then, I took their free assessment, and they recommended elderberry and vitamin C tablets. I decided to take their offer and scheduled my monthly vitamin pack subscription.

Total: $16.00

Day Three


I had a craving to order takeout for lunch at work on Wednesday instead of packing a lunch like I usually do. I ordered a chicken parmesan sub from a nearby restaurant. After work, I had a new movie on my mind and rented it to watch over dinner. I enjoyed the movie and relaxed a bit before going to bed.

Total: $17.37

Day Four


After a relatively normal day at the office, I needed to go grocery shopping, as my refrigerator was looking a tad bare. I met a friendly lady during my shopping trip, and we had a pleasant conversation. We had a lot in common, so I invited her to a coffee date on Saturday. She said yes, and I went home with my groceries feeling invigorated.

Total: $75.67

Day Five


We had an emergency extraction come into the office to finish my workweek. Once my exciting workday was over, I met some friends to go bowling. We played a few games and had a wonderful time. Then, I finished the night out at home.

Total: $25.00

Day Six


Saturday morning came, and I got ready for my date. We met for coffee, and it was a lovely conversation yet again. I asked about a second date, and she said she was free that night. I was also free, and we decided to meet up again during the afternoon. For our same-day second date, we went mini-golfing, had a blast, and finished the evening with dinner at a local mom-and-pop restaurant. She said she enjoyed the day, and we’re planning a third date next weekend.

Total: $60.52

Day Seven


On Sunday, I cleaned up around my house and got the urge to go to the local pet store. Since I moved in, I had been planning to get a pet and figured today was the perfect day to make it happen. I adopted an orange tabby cat, and his name is Cheeseburger. After getting all the supplies I needed, I brought my new buddy home, and we spent the evening watching “The Office.”

Total: $99.86

Weekly Total: $294.42

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