How To Target the Right Audience When Marketing Your Service


Every year, millions of dollars go to waste on marketing campaign fails. One of the primary reasons for these inefficiencies is the low reaction from target audiences. When marketing your service, the first step is to identify the potential customer or target audience. A target audience refers to a specific individual or group whose characteristics relate to a business’s offerings. As a business owner, knowing your target audience is a prerequisite in creating relevant content for lead generation and other marketing efforts. Here are some tips for targeting the right audience when marketing your service

Work with niche experts.


Target audiences can be location-specific. And one of the best methods proven to churn significant location-specific results is enlisting local SEO services. Search engine optimization (SEO) forms a huge part of content marketing and digital marketing today. Supposing you have an insurance company in Alabama, you can bank on SEO consultants in Alabama to help with your keyword research efforts.

The utilization of SEO involves generating topics that appeal to your target audience. SEO experts can use meta tags and Google search results to create customer personas that can help define your target audience. They can also make use of relevant keywords, which can result in high rankings and organic traffic to your web page.

Conduct a competitor analysis.

Products and services are problem-solving results. Creating products without the customer’s need in mind is the first mistake in missing out on the right audience for your products. Unfortunately, that is the reality of many small businesses who fixate on an idea more than its value to new clients. A product can be successful in its early days. But without a basic understanding of its customer base, it can be hard to generate repetitive sales. So, an effective way for customers to find the right audience is to analyze the consumption patterns and customer behaviors.

Suppose you want to identify the target audience for your mobile phlebotomy services company. The first step can be to define the value the service provides. Mobile phlebotomy is a convenient service offering routine lab tests, including complete blood count and lipid panel from the comfort of your own home. Because of the convenience, the right place to look for new customers can be busy professionals seeking to avoid long queues in the waiting room.

For companies who have a zero customer base, the competitive market can be a great alternative. You can generate insights from successful brand marketing campaigns and targeted messages.

Create social media polls.

The social media world currently boasts over 4 billion users. And thus, it has become the go-to for many businesses seeking to improve visibility. But social media marketing without an audience analysis may not result in the best conversions. Many social platforms have in-built features for a small business to identify its audience. It can be as easy as creating a social media poll that engages random users to share their opinions. Through their submissions, businesses can generate enough data to facilitate their audience identification efforts.

Create online surveys.

With the world’s rapid digital transformation rate, small and large companies have several resources to leverage data in identifying and understanding their audiences better. But in all data management activities, reliability is of significant essence. Well-structured online surveys enable businesses to ask the right questions and generate reliable submissions from target audiences. These surveys are usually done by experts who understand marketing characteristics like age, consumer interests, subcultures, and other internet marketing trends.

Use Google Analytics.


One of the perks of having a great website is data. Web design and website rankings are not the only factors that make a functional website. Leveraging web data to understand audience behavior also matters. Google Analytics is widely known for web data management. With every web visit, businesses can identify the type of people they appeal to the most.

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