How to Maximize Your Commercial Greenhouse With Rolling Benches


Greenhouse growers that are ready to expand their business often expand on existing greenhouse premises. While this makes sense for some, it may not be the best option for everyone. Growers should consider how these costs affect their business goals, and sometimes it can be better to become more efficient with what they already have. If your business goals include getting more out of your existing greenhouse space, you will want to consider the repetitive tasks being carried out in your greenhouse each day.

Plant Quality


Some of these things can include the improvements of the quality of your plants and efficiency in your greenhouse by investing in a new environmental control system. Rather than spending time and money manually controlling environmental factors such as heating, humidity, lighting, and ventilation, environmental control systems can ensure your greenhouse will provide high-quality results.

You can automate your greenhouse by implementing integrated systems. Small businesses that are looking for simple automation solutions can consider automating a few key systems to start such as irrigation, lighting, or energy curtains. More systems can be integrated and automated as needed. The idea here is to increase the amount of money you save over time by investing in automated systems.

Rolling Benches

One of the easiest ways to invest in automation for your greenhouse is by purchasing commercial greenhouse rolling benches. These benches can easily increase the quality and costs of your labor by maximizing the space in your greenhouse. Rolling benches can double and even triple your production within your greenhouse by taking advantage of vertical spaces. Rather than growing your plants on the ground, you can use benches to organize your choice of greens and cultivate them where the time is right under perfect weather conditions.

Moreover, you can use rolling benches to improve airflow and improve plant quality with metal tops that allow heat to go under the bench. They allow you to reduce a greenhouse down to one aisle while still allowing you to reach any bench to water or load/pick your crop. Additionally, they help improve your crop’s efficiency and lower its maintenance needs. This can help wholesalers sell even more of their green products to their clients and organize their shelves.

Yield and Productivity


With rolling benches, you can help your business increase its harvest yield, which can allow you to increase your sales in the long run. Whether you’re the business owner or a part of the cultivation team, you can implement rolling benches to maximize your space. In contrast to rolling benches, stationary grow tables will only use around 70 percent of the greenhouse’s square footage, so growers can use the aisles to maintain their plants. Likewise, they can help increase your growers’ productivity. With these types of benches, you can raise the plants to a more suitable height that’s appropriate for maintenance. This way, growers can work more efficiently with plants that have been set to a working height. Growers can avoid getting back pain by working in a standing-up position rather than having to bend down constantly to tend to their plants.

Controlled Environment

Rolling benches provide you with total control of your desired environment for your plants. This includes the ability to move and scale your plants to increase your access to your plants. Additionally, they help improve your plants’ health from the point of germination to the budding stage. Rolling benches can also help streamline the growing and harvesting process of your indoor growing environment.

These are but a handful of the many ways in which rolling benches can help maximize your business today.

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