How Online Investment Tools Use UX/UI to Better Meet Client Needs


Investment platforms often have a difficult time competing for customers. Since many investors work with large sums, they have to do their due diligence to find a platform that’s already smoothed out operational wrinkles. It also means certain platforms need to maintain diverse asset classes, offer alternative investment options, and be transparent about stock market tactics.

The most successful brands also offer strong UX and UI to address investor needs. Whether you’re an accredited investor looking for alternative investment opportunities or trying to consider investment options in the real estate market, it’s important to use platforms with a strong UX/UI focus.

An enhanced UX makes buying and selling easier for borrowers.


With the right user experience, it’s that much easier to find pertinent information. For instance, you need to know which investment opportunities are only open to accredited investor portfolios and investment minimums, and required collateral. The harder it is to find this information, the worse the user experience. Take brands like Yieldstreet, for instance. Yieldstreet focuses heavily on user experience to make for a better borrower and investor opportunity. Since the brand is new, many investment pros wonder is Yieldstreet legit. Nevertheless, with their focus on user experience, it’s easy to see how the Yieldstreet platform can compete within the industry and aid customer portfolios.

The user experience isn’t solely about ease of use. It’s also about offers and amenities. Borrowers and investors want investment opportunities with low management fees, reasonable interest payments, and other basics. These make the platform that much more appealing to a user. The user experience also relates to policy transparency. This includes clear outlines for borrower defaults, approved bank account statements, applicable collateral, and commercial finance data. These are all important for investor success, and a good user experience needs to address these needs.

The user interface helps customer interactions.


When you’re sourcing investment offerings, it’s also good to use a platform with a clean user interface. It should be simple to access your portfolio, check the stock market performance, view your alternative assets, and find new investment opportunities. Whether you want to invest in real estate or a line of womens travel clothes, it should be easy to spot the minimums and secure alternative assets. A platform that offers versatility can lead to a higher return, which is why the user interface is just as important as the user experience. It aids consumer finance usage, proves that a brand is durable, and allows for alternative investments like real estate, fine art, and other high-yield opportunities.

It also doesn’t hurt if the user interface can facilitate a personal connection with borrowers, lenders, collectors, and other investors. This helps enhance your customer distribution and can attract new investors. Consumers want a platform that can aid their investment strategy, and that’s not feasible if the UI works against the customer. Investment platforms need to be durable, offer secure transactions, and work with various financial institutions for the biggest impact. This helps these platforms attract more individual investments while guaranteeing data safety.

UI and UX are critical to investment platform success.

There’s not a low correlation between UI/UX and customer satisfaction. This is why so many different platforms depend on teams of developers for stronger platform performance. This ensures that the most desired features are implemented to make sense for the growth of the brand. Whether you’re a new investor or have years of experience working with high-yield stocks, it’s important to find an investment platform that prioritizes UI and UX mechanics and features. It can make a big difference and even impact the chances of securing something greater than a small commission.

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