How Much Does It Cost To Implement NetSuite?


Do you ever dream of owning a company and seeing substantial growth? Maybe that’s the dream you are working to build now. It’s a great one to have! As a business owner, you should be familiar with the tools that are most useful to you as you go. NetSuite is one of those tools that many people consider heavily before pulling the trigger.

And when it comes to software, the cost is always important. The NetSuite implementation cost can certainly add up quickly. But there are a lot of factors that play into the details. You will need to be able to budget for the expense so let’s take a closer look.

Number of Licenses


NetSuite charges you for the number of licenses that you need. The charge is not necessarily specific to each license. Instead, it’s specific to a group of licenses. The different packages contain a varying number of them. For example, NetSuite Starter allows for up to 10 licenses. However, NetSuite Premium allows for an unlimited number.

The number of licenses that you need might make a difference. Consider this as part of choosing the appropriate version of NetSuite. This will ultimately impact the cost as well.

Module Pricing

NetSuite offers two modules with every edition. This includes the default ERP module and the default CRM module. No matter what package you choose, these are included. However, there are times when a business may need to build in additional modules for the best results.

You can choose from the NetSuite modules that are built and ready for use. Some of these modules are bundled. Certain editions also might contain additional models above two standard two in every package. The more modules that are in an edition, the higher the cost might be overall.

The good news is that if you choose a bundle and later determine you need a module, you can add modules at any time.


One of the costs that many businesses neglect to consider is implementation. This cost can vary dramatically for some businesses. That’s because no two businesses are the same. Your business might be able to implement for only about $10,000. A different type of business might spend more than $100,000 for implementation.

Implementation costs take into regards things like development, training, customization, and integration. Every category and line item has its own costs associated. Figuring out your specifics can help your business budget accordingly.

Support Needs

Training your staff to use NetSuite could add up. This cost primarily depends on the training needs and the number of employees being trained. If you use a licensed provider, this is typically worked into your costs with them. Most providers offer training and ongoing support as part of their own packages. This means you actually pay them for NetSuite and their customer service.

NetSuite Provider


Choosing a licensed provider can be incredibly advantageous. It’s much easier than just trying to figure it out on your own. The main difference is that a provider will have your back from start to finish. They can help you make decisions and they offer you ongoing support. These teams go through a specific process to be licensed as a provider. Make sure you look out for that qualification. The customer service they can provide is substantial.

NetSuite Customized

Giving you an exact dollar amount to expect for implementation is nearly impossible. There are calculator tools that can be used to help get a general idea. However, the best way to figure out the cost is to schedule a consultation with a licensed provider like SCS Cloud. They can work through the details and come up with a more realistic expectation based on your specific business needs.

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