Easy Ways To Capture Life’s Important Memories


Doesn’t it sometimes seem like life goes by too quickly to capture? One moment you’re at a music festival with the person you love, then you’re in your first trimester, and suddenly you’re packing up the truck to drive your kid to college. How did it all happen so fast? There are so many important moments in life, and they’re not all the obvious ones. Sure, if you went to some of the great music festivals around the world, you probably took some snapshots of yourself and your pals rocking out. When it comes to capturing your family members’ day-to-day lives, you may not be as great at capturing those favorite memories and keeping them safe. Some of your favorite memories may turn out to be regular moments, after all, and those need to be kept somewhere safe as well.

Of course, just because you have a lot of beautiful moments, that doesn’t mean you want to have endless external hard drives around your house or millions of folders on your computer. That’s just not practical. So, how can you keep the pictures of your favorite memories in a private space that doesn’t mean a messy computer or a plethora of hard drives? Let’s take a look at some ways to capture those great moments and keep them safe.

The most important thing is maintaining safety for your digital content.


The best way to organize pictures and videos, and even documents, that recall your favorite memories is by creating folders full of digital content in a private space in the cloud. That being said, if you have sensitive material, it’s also crucial that your digital content be kept safe. One of the top things women think about when they become pregnant is having a healthy pregnancy, of course.

If you’re keeping track of your fertility and ovulation, or are keeping photos and videos of your prenatal care appointments, you’re not going to be keeping that sensitive, highly personal information, on Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s just not safe. Just like you would avoid alcohol and take plenty of folic acid and supplements, pregnant women need to be mindful of where they’re putting the information their health care providers give them.

Make digital content management easy on yourself.


Sure, Google Drive and Dropbox are very user-friendly, but they’re just not secure for some of the more sensitive pdf documents and photo albums. Thankfully, there are secure solutions like My Cloud Home that can provide safe storage for hundreds of thousands of photos or videos. Plus, My Cloud Home comes with the My Cloud Home app, which means that you can manage your photo albums from your mobile device.

Not only does My Cloud Home provide you with a secure, private space (which is always a good idea), it also makes managing all the various folders easy. If you’re about to become a parent, you know that you’ll have enough on your mind without trying to manage couples cloud accounts.

The best way is to get others involved.


Don’t try to do it all on your own when it comes to managing folders and cloud accounts, or even filling those photo albums with pictures. Get your family members involved in the practice of adding their own favorite memories to your photo albums, too. Teach them how your storage space works, and download the My Cloud Home app on their mobile devices as well. The best thing you can do to take this weight off of your shoulders is to include others in your memory-keeping journey.

Life is a long path, full of moments both beautiful and challenging. Sometimes, it may seem like your healthy baby became a high school student in the blink of an eye. All the more reason to fill as many photo albums as possible.

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