5 Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection


There are few things more frustrating than a slow Internet connection, especially when you’re trying to get things done online. If your home Internet is perpetually slow, here are five things you can do.

Check Your Internet Speed

If you feel like your Internet is crawling, take a second and check the Wi-Fi speed. It’s fairly simple to check on your computer. Click on the details of your Wi-Fi connection and see what the speed is in megabits per second. Your Internet speed will probably be somewhere between 20 Mbps and 1,300 Mbps (which is way more than you will need). Your Internet should run fairly smoothly even if this is a lower number, but there are a few other factors that could be affecting the speed. If you have numerous devices operating in your home at once, that can slow down your Wi-Fi. Different activities also use different speeds, so even though you might have no trouble scrolling through Facebook, your Mac could struggle to stream high definition videos.


Get High-Speed Internet

The best way to fix your slow Internet connection is to upgrade your Internet service. Head to highspeedinternetdeals.com and compare the plans and packages that are available in your area. Different providers offer incentives, so you can decide which bundle best suits what you’re looking for. With high-speed internet, you won’t have to worry about a slow connection. You can stream videos, scroll through social media, and upload pictures to cloud storage without any problems. It’s also not as expensive as you think to get the best Internet. Start comparing deals now and you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Clean Up Your Computer

The problem might also be with your computer itself. Maybe your system is old and not operating as smoothly as it used to or perhaps your hard drive is full. Clean up your computer and upload everything to iCloud. If you’re a professional photographer, you have a good amount of pictures that need to be stored. Instead of keeping them on your desktop, start using online photo storage. This will save you tons of space, speed up your computer, and give you peace of mind that your photos are backed up.


Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, the hardware is what’s slowing down your Internet. Rebooting your router is extremely simple. Unplug the device and let it sit for at least a minute. This gives it time to reset. Then you can plug it back in and see if the Internet is running faster. You could also upgrade your router’s firmware, which would help it run more smoothly. Even if you have amazing high-speed Internet, it’s not a bad idea to reboot your hardware every so often. Also, put your router in a central location in your home, not under a couch. Place it on a table in the center of your office to help boost the signal.


Upgrade Your Equipment

While your equipment might look perfectly fine, technology changes rather rapidly. What was fantastic five years ago is now most likely outdated. Consider upgrading your router or replacing the wireless amplifier. Making a small change to your router or modem could make a huge difference in your Internet speed. If you’re unsure about the lifespan of your equipment, bring it to a professional and see what he or she says. Investing in a few new things might be worth it if it saves you countless hours of frustration.


Don’t keep screaming at your computer, begging it to run faster. Try a few of these simple changes and you’ll notice a huge difference. With high-speed Internet and the right equipment, you’ll be able to accomplish everything you want to while using your wireless Internet.

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