5 Examples of Business Process Management Use Cases


Processes are the actions completed by equipment and tasks performed by employees that enable companies to function. Companies can use business process management (BPM) software to align business operations with their goals and improve business processes.

Business process management software enables companies to employ advanced case management strategies for complex processes involving multiple groups and varying outcomes. Advanced BPM systems integrate data from multiple sources and ensure employees consider all relevant input from consumers, staff, communications, and processes. To understand how BPM benefits your company, explore these five BPM use cases.

1. Manufacturing Automation


Manufacturers manage costs by ensuring consistent product quality, streamlining production, and preventing disruptions. For example, a computer company may determine how many tablets they need to meet anticipated demand for the next quarter. Business process management software breaks down the methodology used to determine what parts are required and the tasks required to produce the required number of tablets. BPM strategies could involve business process automation by introducing machinery that performs tasks previously completed by people. Automation can improve accuracy by ensuring process consistency. Additionally, automation can prevent workplace preventing workplace injuries that lead to disruptions in production.

2. Healthcare Workforce Optimization


Healthcare services involve assessing patients, ordering tests, and developing treatment plans. Medical experts may draw on information from multiple sources to make a formal diagnosis. Information sources could include results from blood work, urine samples, MRI scans, observation, and ultrasounds. BPM solutions enable healthcare providers to improve case management for each patient, eliminating delays and inconveniences. For example, BPM solutions would account for all required tests and test locations and determine how to perform the tests efficiently by booking tests at the same location together. If tests have conflicting preparation instructions, BPM solutions will separate those testing times to prevent patients from arriving for tests they can’t take. This supports workforce optimization by ensuring medical professionals don’t have to cancel tests at the last minute, preventing them from providing services for other patients.

3. Financial Work Management


Business processes include protocols for financial transactions as well. Multiple business process management use cases stem from financial goals, financial decisions, and financial authorizations. For example, one company’s payment authorization process could be plagued by inefficiencies, causing late payment fees. Effective business process management involves breaking down the steps involved when payments are authorized and determining the source of the bottlenecks causing delays. Suppose the company determines only one CEO can authorize payments. BPM solutions could use work management strategies to eliminate bottlenecks by enabling another CEO to authorize payments, distribute the workload, and ensure the accounts payable team can make authorized payments on time.

4. Marketing Case Management

Marketing campaigns involve creating a promotional strategy for a company’s services or products. A typical business process model involves identifying the campaign’s focus, setting a budget, determining the appropriate audience for the campaign, and identifying the best promotional channels for the client. Different companies could have varying goals and priorities that influence their campaigns. For example, a computer software company may prioritize online marketing because their products aren’t reaching residents of a specific town. Their goal may be to use targeted Internet marketing options to raise their company’s profile online. Marketing strategies could include search engine optimization (SEO) marketing tactics, such as using keywords and backlinks to raise their website’s domain authority (DA) score and social media marketing targeting users who’d benefit from their software.

A motel that isn’t part of a chain, however, may favor local advertising. While they may have a website and want to establish a solid online presence, they may feel using billboards on the highways approaching their location is a better way to attract clients.

Business process management software breaks down the tasks involved for each decision-making stage. It enables marketing experts to consider input from multiple sources to develop an appropriate strategy for each client. BPM software may use insights from previous campaigns to inform the decision-making process for future clients, improving their efficiency.

5. Supply Management Process Documentation


Business process management can improve supply management by determining how to reduce delays and ensure suppliers provide products with consistent quality. BPM solutions could reduce the number of suppliers you use to consolidate orders, preventing delivery overlaps that affect warehouse operations. Warehouse staff can save time because they can verify one larger shipment instead of verifying contents for multiple shipments. You’ll also save accounting staff time because they only have to deal with paying one bill instead of several bills. Business process management solutions include establishing process documentation outlining protocols to ensure orders are consolidated, identifying goals such as supplier reductions and supply consistency.

Business process management enables businesses to streamline operations. BPM solutions, such as workforce optimization and process automation, enable businesses to meet deadlines, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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