Are You Tempted To Use Anabolic Steroid

We have been hearing about anabolic steroids in the news for a long while now. There is a lot of controversy around the subject and for a good reason. Anabolic steroids are a manufactured version of the male sex hormone called testosterone. Technically the anabolic steroid will build muscle and increase masculine sex traits.

Anabolic steroids showed up on the scene back in the 1930’s. However, the idea of steroids goes back to the Olympic Games during the time of Greece. These ancient Olympic athletes would consume animal testicles before the games. You can say they had the right idea at the time. It is not surprising that athletes have been attempting to enhance their performance for as long as they have been competing.

In the 1800’s a man removed the testicles from an aggressive bird species called Cockerels and noticed that it caused a loss of its male characteristics. That man that performed this surgical removal became immediately aware that the testicles made the male species more aggressive read more about it on Bodybuilding Legend – Eugen Sandow.

A physician can prescribe anabolic steroids. They usually get prescribed for such conditions as, delayed puberty, and to treat diseases that cause loss of muscle, such as AIDS or cancer.

Would you be tempted to use anabolic steroids yourself? Consider being a professional athlete and you must compete against other athletes who are using the steroid to improve their performance. It would be challenging indeed to compete against someone who has an unfair advantage. It may not go unnoticed how awesome they look too. I had a friend who used anabolic steroids and his chest muscles developed so quickly that he had stretch marks. He looked terrific practically overnight. I do believe that most athletes, under these conditions, might be tempted to intensify their performance and enhance their muscle definition. A person might try to justify their decision by telling themselves that the other guy has an unfair advantage and how can I possibly keep up unless I use also.

While anabolic steroids can make you look great and boost your performance, there are side effects that a person should take into consideration. There are indeed risks involved in using anabolic steroids. The drug has an impact on a person’s brain pathways and alters brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. The drug is known to change mood and behavior. Some of the short-term effects may cause paranoia, delusions, extreme irritability, and impaired judgment. As a result, severe mood swings can occur.

Unfortunately, there are also long-term effects. Liver damage is not a surprising one. Kidney problems, enlarged heart, and high blood pressure also can result from using anabolic steroids. These conditions put you at risk for stroke or heart attack. By the way, these conditions can also impact a person even if they are young.

The fact that it creates an unfair advantage leaves me with the opinion that anabolic steroids should not be allowed. Not everyone will want to consume such a dangerous product but may be tempted to keep up with the competition.